Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time for Tea

Whatever happened to teatime?

Tea and tête-à-tête 

In my travel opportunities, I’ve been blessed with two trips to England, and both times I was giddy at all the chances for tea and conversation. And that’s part of it; it was always have tea with someone with the sole purpose of enjoying the taste and time together.

Today we are too busy with being busy. We have to do at least three things at one time to feel as though we are accomplishing anything at all.

This past October, I gave birth to my second child. There is nothing like a baby to make you slow down and realize you cannot do everything at every time. I was frantic with my first son by how little I felt I accomplished each day, and I think part of that is our society’s definition of daily accomplishment. We must always do more to be more, or so we are told.

And yet half of the things we do are really a waste of the valuable moments where we could just be.

The time of tea and tête-à-tête is one spent in enjoyment of being: being together, being thoughtful, being warmed, being welcomed.

I want to bring teatime back to our culture, or at least into my own culture.  Moments away from our to do lists will be invaluable for relaxation and clarity.

This gorgeous photo is by Emily Mae Anderson.

But a cup of tea need not always be with another. Still holding to the idea of teatime as be time, I also recognize the worth of this chance for inspiration-abounding solitude.

As a mother of two, time alone is rare.  I find myself piddling too much of it away on brainlessness when I could let my mind wander over a warm brew. Something about tea and quiet seems to help me unwind. My mind doesn’t stop thinking (ever), but it does get the chance to think about whatever it wants. Every once in a while I have to steer it away from the dinner menu or whether I need to put diapers (and which size) on the shopping list, but I can take another sip and reign it back in to something I want to truly contemplate.  I don’t ever solve the world’s problems in my private reflections, but I do sometimes notice something beautiful.

Trouble yourself for tea
Tea is taste, touch, sight, smell, sound: it is a complete sensory package to be shared with a friend or group over a mash of ideas or to be enjoyed alone, freely sequestered from the world.

Tea is not much trouble; boiling water is easy. The only trouble is taking the time for tea, but it is a trouble you simply must get into. 


  1. Making time for tea...I completely agree! I enjoy all the different types of tea. Green tea is my favorite. My family and most of my friends are all huge coffee lovers, but I love my tea! Stopping by from Thought Provoking Thursdays... Nice to "meet" you! :) Blessings~


  2. I fell in love with red tea when I was pregnant the first time. I have a lot various flavors of that in loose leaf from my local tea shop. I think my favorite easy-to-find kind is a mint that is a green and white tea blend. Celestial Seasonings makes it.

  3. I love to make time for tea! It is indeed relaxing and you have time to think and even dream! My daughter and I have "tea parties" a few times a week, getting some girl time in! I love it! Thank you for the reminder :) Stoppin by from the link up ;) http://simplyhelpinghim.blogspot.com/

    1. I bought a manly colored plastic tea set for my son because I cannot wait for a daughter to enjoy sharing this!

  4. Great post, Jessa. I agree with you completely. Let's all make time for tea! And time to just "be."

    I just think we are all entirely too busy.

    1. And then I make myself a cup of tea and let it go cold as I get wrapped up in doing other things! Tonight I will have a quiet and WARM cup--really I will!