Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother’s Prayer to The Father

God knew Hannah’s heart, her tearful prayers for a son, and out of her misery He drew her. Naming her son Samuel, meaning heard of God, Hannah took the young boy to the temple to live a life devoted to the Lord. Before she left the temple, Hannah prayed again to her Creator:

My heart is happy
because of the God
who has delivered me.

He is the
only Holy God,
who brings down the proud
and gives strength to those who stumble.

He is a
prevailing God
who has control over hunger, barrenness,
life and death, wealth and destitution.

My heart is happy
because the God
who has the power to destroy His enemies
and exalt His chosen
heard my prayer
and answered the hope of my heart.

1 Samuel 1–2:11

Hannah’s prayer is interesting to me, because it does not simply praise God for the blessing of a child, nor does it focus on concern for the little boy she is about to leave at the temple for the Lord’s service. Hannah expresses gratitude, but her prayer focuses on the supremacy of her Maker in all things. God revealed His power over her barrenness, and Hannah learned of His power over all.

God reveals Himself to us during our time in prayer.

And, truly, God knows what is in our hearts and on our minds whether or not we commune with Him in prayer (Matthew 6:8). Still, Jesus—who was of God—took the time to pray words of praise and requests for Himself, His disciples, and all believers (John 17). In following His example, we draw ourselves closer to our Creator.

Think of how much you enjoy spending time with your friends talking, going places, and just hanging out. Until we get to Heaven, we won’t have the chance to hang out with God. Our opportunity to be intimate with Him lies in our time in His word and in prayer.

I am thankful to all the mothers in my life who have taught me examples of God’s goodness. You are one of the answers to the hope of my heart.

My heart is happy. Overwhelmingly so. Thank you, Father, for making me a mother. 

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