Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ernest Hemingway

On July 21st, 1899, barely making it in before the turn of the century, the writer who is credited with defining his generation and changing American literature was born, and on July 21st, 2012—113 years later—I stood in the very room where he was born.

Ernest Hemingway has been a favorite of mine since I wrote a small thesis on him during my graduate studies. With the popularity of The Paris Wife by Paula McLain and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, Hemingway has been thrust, once again, in to the spotlight of current culture. He was a man known for his bravery, manliness, larger-than-life personality, writing talent, and many wives. Beneath all of that was a  cat enthusiast, an interesting lover-fighter mix, a well-traveled adventurer, and—in his heart—a sensitive observer of the nature of human kind. 

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