Friday, June 1, 2012

These Feet Weren't Made for Running...

…but that’s just what they’ll do. On October 21, 2012, to be exact. My husband just signed us up for a 5k.

You have to know me to know I don’t run. I’ve started with a “Couch to 5k” training program. (I’m slightly insulted. I told my mom I’m at least of a “Stool to 5k” caliber.) I like the idea of running. I like the idea of saying that I’m a runner. But I don’t like running.

1) My feet turn out. Specifically, my right foot turns out, and it turns out more and more the more and  more tired I get. As you can imagine, running makes me tired. I feel as though I spend a lot of my
mental processing while running reminding myself to
           a. turn my right foot inward like a normal person and
           b. breathe in a manner that doesn’t make me sound like a braying mule. Which brings me to

2) Apparently I am not such a good breather. Breathing should be natural and easy, correct? Then why do I have such a hard time with it? I was field commander for my marching band, for Pete’s sake; I should be able to find some sort of breathing rhythm.

3) And, um, it hurts to run. It hurts my right foot, which isn’t used to being turned in and then gets forcibly turned in during some pretty rigorous pave-pounding. It hurts my lungs. When it’s cold it
hurts my ears. When it’s hot it hurts my everything.

So I’ve tried to think of ways to make the dreadful seem less dreadful.
1) I am listening to a Hemingway novel on my iPod. I love Hemingway about as much as I dislike running. Perhaps the love-hate juxtaposition will create some sort of universal balance, making running less horrid?
          a. No.
          b. But at least I get some Hemingway time in.

2) I run past beautiful houses, and I think to myself, I bet some person inside that house is sitting on a couch envying my being a runner. 
          a. Probably not.
          b. But at least I get to see some pretty houses.

Nothing really makes it less dreadful, except, maybe—the hoped-for outcomes.
1) This post baby-weight isn’t burning off on it’s own.

2) I get to classify myself, officially, as a runner (which comes up surprisingly easily and often in  
      conversations these days: Oh, yes, when I run blah blah blah…).

3) And, now, I’ll be able to complete a 5k on October 21, 2012.

My friend Amanda Sekulow once told me that working towards a specific goal is incredible motivation. We can surprise ourselves at our accomplishments if we’ll just recognize we have the potential to succeed!

So, October 21, 2012, I’m coming for you. Slowly. With both feet turned in, Hemingway blaring, onlookers jealous, and my breathing so rhythmic you could swing a pendulum by it. Or, I’m coming for you, anyway. Faults and all.

"Fit to be tied" from my Red Ribbon Photo Shoot 2011: Emily Mae Anderson, Model and Friend

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  1. I would love to run again! Between kiddos, home school, and life I don't have time for it :/ Running is painful, but so fulfilling! Stoppin by from the link up :)

    1. It is painful! I think this goal of the 5k October 21st will help me stick with it (at least until October 21st).

  2. The best part? You don't have to do it get to run with 10 of your closest friends!

    1. Oh, I will be running circles around all of you! (har har--not likely)

  3. my husband has been running and he loves it! I wish I would love it! lol but everyone says once you start doing it, you love it. hmmm... :)

    1. I don't believe everyone who says that. It's always horrible. ;) But really, don't trust me yet. I've only been going a couple of weeks. When does it get better?

  4. Very funny! Another less dreadful motivation- great material for your blog.

    1. What doesn't kill you makes your Blogger!

  5. You couldn't GET me to run, not with these brittle knees of mine. You go, girl! I love your humorous take on your situation. Well, that and your neatly organized style, which is hilarious in its own right!
    Jan (a Company Girl)

    1. I like to play with my writing. Thanks for noticing! My ankle isn't so sure about all this (meaning all these 6 times) running, but I hope it will get used to it, at least until I run the 5k.

  6. go...go...I bet by Oct. you might be surprised that you might really consider yourself a runner...and Oct 21st...great birthday...celebrate! blessings as you

    1. I'll be sweating, angry, and then pleased--all on your birthday! What a way for me to celebrate you. =)