Saturday, January 19, 2013

a pictorial post: 26 ways to find joy in the journey

 1) Count your blessings. 

 2) Dance

 3) Play with someone you love. 

 4) Share a meal.

 5) Go on a walk.

 6) Stare at something beautiful. 

 7) Get into nature.

 8) SMILE!

 9) Go shopping with friends. (Also, laugh at grammer mistakes.)

 10) Put on your most comfortable clothes.

 11) Make funny faces.

 12) LAUGH! (Pandora set to your favorite comedian is a great stress-relief.)

 13) Dress up.

 14) Play with your food. (And hope it doesn't play back. Yuck.)

 15) Get some Vitamin D.

 16) RUN.

17) Hug. Snuggle. Yum.

18) Find a good read.

 19) Vent to someone who will listen and love.

 20) Have a cup of tea.

 21) Put on your boots, and go splosh in some muddy puddles. 

 22) Take a nice bath. 

 23) Get dressed up.

 24) Make a new friend.

 25) Build a fort.

26) Go on an adventure.

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