Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's My Body, and I'll Cry if I Want To

Why, body? Why do you fail me so?

I decided to kick it hardcore this week: no meat, no wheat, no dairy--exercise every day. Problem #1 = I've injured my knee running, so I cannot do that for a while (if ever again), so I thought I could do my favorite work-out: the 80s Buns of Steel. Problem #2 = that work-out is on VHS, and we just replaced our old DVD / VHS combo unit with a BluRay player.

So, because I was so dedicated to the cause of health and weight loss, I found a Pilates DVD. Problem #3 = while doing a valuable bun and ab movement, I pulled something in my back, rendering myself useless for twelve hours. Taking a pain pill leftover from birthing my 9-month-old seemed like a good idea to help me make it through a long day at work, only (Problem #4 =) the pill made me sick.

I know it's easy to make excuses to put off being good to our bodies, but I hope my excuses are valid. I'm the type, sadly, who says things like, "Well, I already cheated once...bring on the dozen donuts" or "Well, I cannot work out today since my back is stove up and my knee won't I might as well eat pizza." No no no...that's not how it works. Right?

First Corinthians 6:19-20 says my body is a temple. How little do I treat it so? With all the demands on my mother-wife-professor-editor-friend-daughter-writer life, I often forget about the demand of my temple. Eating poorly is easy. Ignoring exercise is simple. 

And let's move even further. What about my prayer life? This temple will crumble without spiritual quiet time and reflection.

This temple may have seen better days, but I am coming to realize that bringing two children into this world is one of the holiest acts it has ever accomplished. And if doing so has expanded the foyer, so to speak, then I need to do what I am physically able to in order to restore...and then realize that some things are perhaps lost--but worth the loss.

It's my body. Some days it makes me cry. Some days it makes me feel like an 80-year-old. Some days it makes me proud. Some days it surprises me. But it's a gift, and I should be grateful and take great care.

 ModCloth red dress, I love you. 

A TJ Maxx or Marshall's find below: I had a seamstress friend shorten it as it fell in an awkward spot on my leg. I never used to buy something unless it fit perfectly, but I've learned it can be worth thinking about alterations if a dress is excellent in most cases. 

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  1. I am generally blessed with very good health.

    However, on those occassions when I become ill (like last week with a summer cold) I tend to feel like my body has betrayed me.

    It is supposed to fend of illness and heal quickly when injured...and I am easily irritated when it fails to do so!

    So much better to be thankful for the good health I am blessed with!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hard to remember to really take care of ourselves...God has blessed us with our own special needs and strengths. :) Blessings!

  3. I have no excuses I just hate to exercise and thus far in life my metabolism has taken care of me. But with 30 fast approaching and child bearing, I'm probably going to have to just bit the bullet as they say.

    Thanks for linking up!
    Mary Beth