Tuesday, June 19, 2012

White the Wrong

Who’s with me on this one? Wearing white is like asking Murphy’s Law to throw you in stain jail. My dad says it is a constant coincidence that he will always be wearing white when my mom makes spaghetti. Perhaps it is my love of spaghetti, and all things saucy, that keeps me from wearing white? Some say white is a sign of purity. I say it’s a sign of bad things waiting to happen.

And then you have kids. Really, I think kids are they greatest scapegoat known to man. I can blame my messes and clumsiness on them. Of course my iPhone case was field tested by parachute jumpers. You can drop it from any height, and it won’t break. You have to take such precautions when you have a toddler, I say as my hands forget how to grasp for the third time that day, and my iPhone simultaneously falls to the ground. But I cannot honestly blame the kids for my fear of white since it dates back before them.

Perhaps it is the commitment connection to the color. First, you have to care for it constantly. Watch what you eat, touch, drink, smell, sit in, sit on, look at….it’s just too much to think about. Also, a bride wears white on the day she devotes herself to her husband. Just like the white pile of mashed potatoes in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, white is important; it means something.

So, despite my fears, I've decided to wear some white—to own a white dress besides the one I said, “I do,” in (a decision pressured by an invitation to a beautiful, formal British dinner party, a photo from which is posted below). I even pulled out a white shirt I had bought pre-children and tried to give it a second life.

My husband said I looked hot.

I’ll be wearing white more often.

 with my parents at a quintessentially English dinner in our formal white

 Date night = a purse rather than a diaper bag.

 This one felt like a senior picture pose. 

 I need a pedicure, but look at the SHOES, not the feet.

Of course you can always take baby steps (har har) and pair white with one of your favorite colors, like my model friend Fiona does here with purple. 

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  1. OH I love your date night outfit - especially the purse! And yes, I agree white is totally asking for it in the stain dept, but I must say you look so lovely in it, maybe it's your dark hair. PS Fiona is deliciously beautiful!

    1. Thanks! And isn't that Fiona a doll? And so well dressed. I am hoping our one-day daughter gets all those hand-me-downs.

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