Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sniffing Donuts and Wearing Paper

Please take a moment to look over the advertisement below.

Times, they have a-changed. I’m working like crazy (not crazy enough, I admit), trying to get these last 5-10 baby pounds off—if only it were years ago, I’d be mocking those skinny-ignored-by-men gals for their lack of lumps.

First, I’d like to say the girl in the advertisement has a great body. She looks like a woman! If I knew how to spell a whistling sound, I would put it here. (Insert whistling sound.)

People are kind and say I look great. Don’t worry—I’m not sitting around every day crying into my SlimFast, sniffing donuts and remembering the days I could down half of a large pizza and look like all I ate were carrots. (No, not every day—just last Friday, which was National Donut Day. I didn’t celebrate. Bravo to my self-control.) But, see—I remember what I did look like. I remember how my clothes did fit.

And I thought I was plump back then! You really don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, Joni Mitchell.

My body will never be just like it was. Sometimes I pull out an old shirt or pair of pants and experience a mind-blown moment: I was that small? But I’m still working on my goals. I’m a bona fide runner now. (Read this previous post, if you haven’t, for more on that.) We’re keeping cookies and other junk items out of the house. I’m moving in the right direction.

And, I’ve stopped hiding. Not that I was literally hiding away in my house until the pounds disappeared, but I was hiding behind a wardrobe that I felt covered up my post-baby imperfections. My clothing-coming-out party doesn’t mean I’m parading in a leopard print, skin tight leotard, but it does mean I am saying, “Yes, I had a baby. Yes, some people get their pre-baby body back when the tot is seven months old. I haven’t, but I look fine, and I’ll look fantastic soon.” This statement doesn’t mean I’m not honest with myself about clothing that looks bad on me—it means I’m re-evaluating what “bad” is. And, as I mentioned in this previous post on motherhood and fashion and this one as well, I’m re-evaluating my style in general. 

I want fashion to be like a pool party of fun. Jump in with me?

this week's fashion fun
 I wore my new headband (Target clearance) with my favorite dress (Marshall's) and blue, pointy-toed flats (Target) to work Monday.
 My favorite fashion accessories are my two boys. They look good with everything.
 Day 2 of my weekly challenge to step up my fashion game: I almost wore black and white again (default favorite color combo), but changed my mind last minute and picked color (thanks to encouragement from Ashley Balding)! This absurdly comfy dress is from T.J. Maxx, shoes are from Target (years ago), and necklace is from Sleep Sweet. I love jewelry made from paper. 
 I was nervous about wearing this giant earrings (from Target clearance), but my friend Melinda Dabbs told me to go for it! I am glad I did. 

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  1. You look beautiful! I'd love to lose five pounds, but it isn't baby fat... My younger "Baby" is 21 and I gained mine in the last 10 years.
    So: wearing stuff that fits and that you like? Awesome!
    Any doughnuts left? Or maybe a Slim-Fast? ;)
    --from a Company Girl

    1. I have an extra off-brand Slim-Fast for you!
      And TJ Maxx and Marshalls have been a big help in my new clothing exploration.

  2. I don't want you to roll your eyes on me if I say your body right now looks great, considering you got two boys already. :) I was super skinny back then but when I gained weight after gifting birth, I didn't care! At least I have a reason. Lol! I love your red dress though...

    I'm visiting from 2-35 linkup. I'm your new gfc follower too. :)

    1. Thanks! I won't roll my eyes. It's not bad "considering," but I'm just ready for it to be BETTER! Guess hard work is in order.