Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Please Excuse Me While I Freshen Up

Standing in the public restroom at a St. Louis Cardinals game, using a damp paper towel to try in vain to blot away baby spit up from my shirt (How long had it been there, anyway?) without leaving large wet smudges (That was the in vain part as I looked like I had fought, and lost, with the water fountain.), I watched a thin girl with long, perfectly-careless-curls pull a large makeup brush out of her bag and proceed to freshen up her face and floof her hair. I had a couple of thoughts at this occurrence:

1)  Her purse is as big as my diaper bag, and I've got snacks, bottles, a change of clothes for a baby, a change of clothes for a toddler, diapers, a changing pad, miniature superhero action figures, Listerine pocket packs, a medicine bottle with my most-needed drugs at the ready, and baby wipes.
2) As soon as this vacation is over, I really am going to get back to diet and exercise. Hard core.
And, mostly--
3) I remember when freshening up didn't involve wiping bodily fluids off of my clothing.

Those were the days, huh? When you weren't afraid to wear black. Or white. Or any color that isn't the color of baby sludge. 

But I was never the girl with a makeup brush in my oversized purse. I was the girl who filled her pockets to bulging to avoid carrying a purse. Only when it got to Oompah Loompa body proportions around my thighs would I resort to a handbag.

Things are different after you have kids. Good different. Bad different. Ugly different. Beautiful different. (Mostly the latter.) 

"I like fun. Do you like fun, Mama?" asked my toddler, Jack, as we were leaving the St. Louis Zoo.

"Yes, Jack. I like fun a whole bunch." 

And if fun means enduring a little baby blech, then I guess I'll put up with it. Who cares if my diaper bag doesn't have room for a makeup brush--it has Wolverine and Green Lantern, and that's much more fun.

above: a day at the St. Louis Zoo (which has free admission!)

One of my favorite fashion finds was this polka dot "skirt" from Target. It's actually shorts! I was worry free at the City Museum while Jack and I climbed and played around. I can feel you might not trust me on this one, but I promise they didn't look, not even once, like balloon shorts. I had been wearing them for a couple of hours before husband Jay said, "Why did you wear a skirt today?" I'm a fooler, I am.

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  1. I have been carrying around large purses because I didn't want to carry two bags (purse and diaper bag). Oh those days where you didn't have a tide pen (or if you did it was for coffee removal) or being able to go to bathroom without an entourage. LOL I wouldn't trade them.

    1. Yes, the blessing of these children is worth any of the trouble.